Come Join Us for our Annual Boxer Bash 2016!

Come join us for Boxer Bash 2016

Come join us for great food and drinks with your dogs to raise funds for Boxer dogs in need!

WHAT: West Coast Boxer Rescue Boxer Bash 2016!
WHEN: Saturday, August 27th, 2016 from 12 noon to 3 pm
WHERE: Crown Memorial State Park @ Neptune Picnic Area – 1252 McKay Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
WHO: All dog lovers are invited! Friendly dogs (of all breeds) are welcome.
HOW MUCH: Donation of $20 per adult is very much appreciated at the time of reserving a ticket, but you can select a free ticket option and donate at the event also. Kids under 10 and dogs eat free. All proceeds benefit dogs in need!

Come join us for great food and drinks to celebrate and support Boxer rescue effort!  The event will feature gourmet BBQ, food and drinks, raffle and silent auction to benefit the rescue.  All proceed will help our rescue dogs with medical needs.

AND for the FIRST TIME, we will be having a costume contest with great prizes!!! So bring your dog and doggy costume and come enter our contest!

Food and soft drinks are included in the donation ticket price.  Alcoholic beverages are available with small donation.

Come and meet our volunteers and find out more about what we do.

Bring and show off your friendly dog(s), as we are all dog lovers. This is a great park with a dog park right around the corner. There are plenty of food for your poochies to munch on too.

Get your tickets today!

Parking costs $5 per car, plus $2 surcharge per dog applies at this state park if you choose to park inside the park. There are street parking as well. Dogs are not permitted on the sandy part of the beach, but there is a good size dog park and huge lawn area where we are having our BBQ.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Map of Crown Memorial State Park

Saving Cory

Cory Day 1


Cory was saved from Stockton Animal Shelter by West Coast Boxer Rescue. He was emaciated with terrible mange, initially unable to stand, but he has made huge progress and is now a happy, much stronger boy. Cory again faces a huge hurdle. He has a lesion in his heart, and it needs to be either treated or removed or he will die. Please watch his video and see his will to live. Please help us help Cory. Donations for Cory can be made here: Thank you so much for your support.

Please watch Cory’s video

This is Cory currently. We still need to resolve his heart issue, mange, etc. but he is a happy boy.

Cory loves to play with his stuffed toy.

Cory loves to play with his stuffed toy.

Cory is a typical goofy Boxer boy!

Cory is a typical goofy Boxer boy!


Until September 1, we are selling a limited-time, special edition of Cory T-shirt to raise his medical funds.  Please help by buying a shirt and raising awareness about Cory by proudly wearing your shirt. The shirt can be purchased here:

Until September 1, we are selling special edition of Save Cory T-shirts to raise his medical funds.

Until September 1, we are selling special edition of Save Cory T-shirts to raise his medical funds.

Faith’s Story

Faith is a sweet little girl rescued from Los Banos Shelter with a a huge tumor the size of a softball hanging off her side. Owner apparently dumped her after using her for breeding puppies because they didn’t want to care for her.  We discovered it was mast cell tumor, common to Boxers, but we have never seen them left to be this size.  It shows pure neglect by her previous owner.  Our veterinarian removed the huge tumor, a smaller growth on her back, and 3 corn cobs from in her stomach. It was a major surgery, blood transfusion was needed, and we weren’t sure our Faith was going to make it. But she is a tough little girl, and she pulled through. Luckily, the tumor did not spread, so it was only grade 2 and she can resume her normal life now.  This surgery was made possible because of our amazing group of donors, providing the funding.

Faith's tumor

Faith’s tumor prior to surgery


Faith is now recovered from the surgery and doing great.  She is about 2-3 years old and weighs about 50 lbs. She is a sweet girl who loves to give kisses. It is very clear that Faith is an typical Boxer girl, as she craves to be with her people. She loves people more than other dogs, but has been having fun playing with another male dog in her foster home. She is ready and looking for a forever home that will love and appreciate her for the great dog she is. Despite the neglect she experienced in her life, all she wants is to love and please her people.  Please open up your heart and your home for this wonderful girl.

Faith healthy post surgery with no tumor, sleeping comfortably on a sofa at her foster home

Faith healthy post surgery with no tumor, sleeping comfortably on a sofa at her foster home

Cliffy and Mikey to Appear on Thanksgiving TV Show!

West Coast Boxer Rescue’s Cliffy and Mikey will appear on Fox’s Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular, a 2 hours special, on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014 at 8 pm (7 pm central). They are both awesome dogs and will be available for adoption after the program. The show features many celebrities including Hilary Swank, Jane Lynch, Scarlett Johansson, Betty White, Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell as well as singers Fergie, Miranda Lambert, Paula Abdul, LeAnn Rimes, Kesha and many more.

Please read more about it here:


It’s Summer and Rescued Boxers Need Your Help!

tjcharlieSummer time is lots of fun for everyone including your dogs. Vacations, camping trips, fun at the beach… the possibilities are endless. But what does that mean for homeless dogs?

Summer is one of the worst times of the year for homeless dogs. From late May to August, huge numbers of dogs are dumped on the streets, surrendered, and abandoned. Shelters are inundated with dogs, and rescues are full to capacity. Many dogs lose their lives in shelters because there is nowhere for them to go. Why does this happen? People go on vacation and don’t want to take their dogs with or board them so they dump them instead. People move into places where dogs are not allowed. Dogs escape their yards due to loud noises like fireworks, and their owners don’t look for them. Back yard breeders decide their dogs are no longer making them money or are sick so they turn them loose to fend for themselves. For all of us in rescue these things are unthinkable, yet it happens on a daily basis.

violetAdoption and fostering also slows down during summer. During the busy season, we are able to adopt 20-30 dogs per month. In the summer months we only adopt 10-15 dogs a month. We also have to take in more dogs during the summer because of the volume of dogs on death row.

We need your help to make this right for our abused and abandoned Boxers NOW. Currently we have a record numbers of dogs in our care; we can only continue to keep saving lives with your help. Please will you consider:

1. A one-time donation: You can donate to help the 50+ dogs in our care right now plus more dogs we continue taking in this summer. We need funding to cover medical issues, food and boarding and behavioral issues for all of our dogs without foster homes until they are adopted into forever homes:

2. A recurring donation: You can sign up to make a recurring monthly donation. Yes, summer is a really bad time, but around holidays it can be equally as bad. We are only three months away from the holiday season. We need year-round help with funding in order for us to keep saving lives. You can sign up here:

3. We need more people to adopt and foster. Adoption and fostering slows down during summer time. Having more adoptions and foster homes will help us save more lives. You can read about adopting here: Fostering info can be found here:

4. We need help transporting. We have a regularly scheduled transport on Saturdays. We need people who can drive from Rowland Heights, CA to Coalinga as well as Oakland, CA to Coalinga. If you are able to do this once a month or so, please sign up to volunteer with us:


Monthly Donation Saves Lives

NO FOOD, NO HOME, NO LOVE. For just 60 cents per day, you can help rescue, feed, and provide comfort for abused an neglected boxers in need. Please help by committing to a monthly donation below:

Please Help Us

Come Join Us for our Boxer Bash 2014!


Boxer Bash 2014 Banner

Come join us for great food and drinks with your dogs to raise funds for Boxer dogs in need!

WHAT: West Coast Boxer Rescue Boxer Bash 2014!
WHEN: Saturday, August 30th, 11 am to 3 pm
WHERE: Crown Memorial State Park @ Crolls Garden Picnic Area – 1252 McKay Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
WHO: All dog lovers are invited! Friendly dogs (of all breeds) are welcome.
HOW MUCH: $24.00 a person, kids 12 & under and dogs eat free. All proceeds benefit dogs in need!


We plan to gourmet BBQ, salad, chips, etc.!  This is included in the ticket price.


Water and soft drink is included in the cost, beer and wine are available at extra cost.


Photography by a professional photographer and you can get your photo taken together with your dog
Raffle and silent auction to benefit rescue.
Dog park for the dogs to run around in
Beach access for people (dogs are not permitted on the beach)


Adults: $24, kids 12& under and dogs eat free!  Get your tickets today here:


Parking costs $5 per car, plus $2 surcharge per dog applies at this state park.
Boxer Bash 2014 Map

Read our Adopters Handbook

Considering adopting a Boxer?  If so, please read our Adopters Handbook.  It will give you an overview of what you need to know prior to adopting a dog.  Some of the topics discussed in the books are:

  • Adjustment phase and expectatons
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Walking tools
  • Food
  • Microchip registration
  • and much more…

Even you are an experienced adopter, we ask that you take a  moment to read through our material.  We’re sure there is something new for everyone.  You can download the handbook here.


Consider Mature Dogs

Older Dogs Need Homes Too. Did you know that More than 99% of the applications we receive are for young dogs? Puppies get multiple applications. Have you considered an older dog? They are generally more mellow, don’t chew up your furniture, easier to potty train if not already, don’t need as much attention and do better in a home with younger children or older human being. This is rescue. Not all the dogs that come into rescues are young. Older dogs need homes too. Right now no one wants them, and they get killed in a shelter. Would you consider opening up your heart and home to save their lives? You can choose to foster them or adopt them. To do so please fill out our application here and mention you are interested in helping an older dog.

Truth About White Boxers

White Boxer with natural earsWhite boxers are beautiful!   White Boxers are NOT albinos. They all have some spots of pigmentation somewhere on the body.  White boxers are not rare.  Approximately 20 ‐ 25% of the boxers are white due to flashy to flashy boxer breeding. Because white is not a part of the breed standard, breeders used to euthanize perfectly healthy white puppies.  The practice is changing and white boxers are placed in homes on a spay/neuter basis more and more.

As you can see in the old photographs of Boxers in Germany, white coloring is in the genetic pool. It is said that the white became a disqualification due to Boxers being used as war dogs.

First German Boxer Club show - March 29, 1896

First German Boxer Club show – March 29, 1896

White boxers are prone to sunburn. A certain amount of deafness is associated with white boxers. This is caused by lack of pigment cell in the inner ear. The genetic basis of deafness in white boxer is the same as in the Dalmatian. The prevalence of deafness in both ears is approximately 5-8%. Up to about 13% can be deaf in one ear. Deafness in one ear generally goes unnoticed by people. Deaf dogs are generally able to lead a perfectly happy life with human and dog companions.

The Truth about White Boxers

  • White Boxers are not rare – 20 to 25% of Boxers are born white
  • White Boxers are not all or mostly deaf – Approximately 5-8% are deaf in both ears and up to 13% can be deaf in one ear
  • White Boxers do not suddenly go deaf – if they are able to hear around 4-6 weeks the chances of them going deaf is the same as any other dogs
  • White Boxers are not albinos
  • White Boxers are as smart as fawn or brindle counterparts
  • Some of the White Boxers do sunburn more easily, just like some Caucasian humans will sunburn more easily – you can use sunscreen to prevent it
  • White Boxers are no more prone to blindness than any other Boxers
  • White Boxers are no more prone to illness than any other Boxers
  • White Boxers are no more aggressive than any other Boxers
  • There is no evidence whatsoever that white Boxers are more prone to cancer

White Boxers are Beautiful!!!  Adopt a White Boxer Today!White Boxer

Foster or Adopt & Save a Life

It is estimated that approximately 3.7 million animals were euthanized in the nation’s shelters in 2008.  You can save a life or lives by fostering or adopting.  More than half the dogs that end up in the shelter system in United States will perish.  Make a difference today!